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Now that you have completed our survey, feel free to check out other pages on our website. Whether you are looking for LGBTQ+ owned and operated businesses, you want to check out the latest events across PA, or you just want to take action in other ways, we thank you for your visit.

Our friends at Powered & Protected by Rainbows #Pride offer several seasons of LGBTQ+ informative, educational videos. Want to learn more about the community? Explore here.

Whether you are fighting to end discrimination and would like to send a message to Harrisburg to make that happen, or you want to join the fight to end conversion therapy, go to our ACTION page and sign our petitions.

EUP Homecoming 04

Now that the COVID-19 virus appears to be waning, please come join us at our table at various Pride events across PA. We need volunteers to help us. As events come up, we will be contacting you.