Discrimination Survey II

Welcome to our survey: Discrimination Survey II. While the primary focus is on bullying in schools, we also want to hear from older people and whether they are still facing discrimination at work, governmental offices, medical facilities, public accommodations, and elsewhere. The survey opens August 15 and will run until December 31. We are keeping this survey open longer because we believe we will get many more responses than ever.


All our other closed surveys will have their reports and links posted on individual results pages soon.


Pass the Fairness Act

First name
Last name
What are your preferred pronouns? (Check all that apply) *
Street Address (Optional)
City (Optional)
Zip Code *
County in Pennsylvania *

The questions related to age, race & ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity are for demographic purposes only.

Age Range *
Under 18
18 – 24
25 – 34
35 – 44
45 – 54
55 – 64
65 and older
Race (Check all that apply) *
American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African-American
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
No response/Don’t want to say
If you answered “Other” for race, please indicate it here.
Ethnicity *
Hispanic or Latinx
Non Hispanic or Non Latinx
No response/Don’t want to say
I identify my sexuality primarily as… *
Other (option not listed)
If you selected “Other” for your sexuality, please indicate your sexuality here.
I identify my gender as… (Check all that apply.) *
gender non-conforming
Other (Options not listed)
Prefer not to answer
Are you currently enrolled in school? *
Yes, I am in grades K – 8
Yes, I am in grades 9 – 12
Yes, I am in college or trade school
No, I am not enrolled (Answer only the last two questions.)
How frequently are you bullied at school?
Sometimes (1 or 2 times per month)
Regularly (1 or 2 times per week)
How have you been bullied at school? (Check all that apply.)
I haven’t been bullied at school.
I have been called names.
I have not been allowed to sit at any of the tables at lunch time.
I have had my belongings stolen from me.
I have been physically assaulted at school.
My peers don’t talk to me at school.
I have been sent threats or warnings.
If you selected “Other,” explain how you have been bullied in school.
Where at school have you been bullied? (Check all that apply.)
I haven’t been bullied at school.
School bus
Electronically (Cyberbullying)
If you selected “Other,” please indicate where bullying has happened.
Have you spoken with anyone about being bullied?
No, I haven’t been bullied at school.
No, I have been bullied but not spoken about it.
Yes, I have spoken with parents or guardian.
Yes, I have spoken with siblings.
Yes, I have spoken with friends.
Yes, I have spoken with teachers.
Yes, I have spoken with a guidance counselor or principal.
What would you do if you saw someone being bullied at school? (Check all that apply.)
Do nothing.
Take matters into your own hands.
Tell your parents.
Tell a teacher or principal.
Call the police.
Other than school, where else have you experienced discrimination or bullying based on your sexual orientation or gender identity? *
At work (Place of Employment)
At a medical care facility
At a government facility
At a public accommodation (restaurant, bar, hotel, etc.)
Electronically (cyberbullying)
Other (Please explain below.)
I have not faced discrimination or bullying outside of school.
Please explain how you faced bullying or discrimination outside of school.(Optional)

This concludes the survey. Thank you for your time. We will post results at the conclusion of the survey in November.