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We would love to hear your comments and reviews about businesses across Pennsylvania. Here you have the opportunity to leave comments about businesses that you believe are LGBTQ+ friendly. Although we will be publishing all reviews on our website for others to read, all comments will remain confidential. We will not share any contact information with the businesses you mention here.Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

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D.O. Edinboro, PA 16412

King’s Dinor, Edinboro, PA

The service we received at King’s Dinor in Edinboro was excellent. A Pride flag greeted us at the door along with the waiter who immediately took us to our table. Although the building was somewhat older, we found the place very clean and full of quaint charming Amish decor. The waiter brought our beverage order promptly and returned at least once with refills before taking our breakfast order. I had the Denver Omelet, and my husband enjoyed the Corned Beef Hash with scrambled eggs and toast. Our waiter returned several times to check on us, but he never seemed intrusive into our conversation. We were both very surprised at how inexpensive our bill was for such a fine quality breakfast. We definitely look forward to returning to the King’s Dinor soon.


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