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Metro Community Health Center Mission Statement:

•To care for the whole person in a safe and respectful setting.
•To encourage patients to partner with our clinicians and staff in planning their care.
•To be guided by the needs of our patients.
•To respond to those needs with respect for the individual and their beliefs about health and healing.
•To serve Wilkinsburg, Swissvale and the neighboring communities by offering health care to all people, at every stage of life, without regard to their ability to pay.
•To serve the uninsured, underinsured, HIV positive, and the LGBT residents of the region.

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Our mission is to promote wellness in our community by fostering our patient’s whole self.  Our focus is on culturally competent care by striving to understand what our client’s needs are and how we can treat them holistically.


According to Lane, most of her patients with HIV don’t fit in the box of a traditional doctor’s office. Many are transgender and have limited resources available to them. “A lot of my patients are involved in high risk situations like buying hormones on the street. I’ve come to realize that they are going to put themselves in danger or I have to find a different way for them. I find that different way.” Lane explained.

Dr. Lane currently has more than 300 patients that are HIV positive and more than 50 transgender patients. Lane goes above and beyond for every single one of them, even if that means taking a nontraditional approach. Dr. Lane has become known as the doctor that people aren’t afraid to talk to. “A lot of my patients, especially the younger ones, text me or message me on Facebook when they are too afraid to go into a doctor’s office.” Lane said.