What we support

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Ban Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy is the belief that someone change change sexual or gender identity through counseling. We believe it should be banned for use on minors and at risk adults in Pennsylvania. Sign our petition if you agree.

Pass the PA Fairness Act

It is legal in Pennsylvania to be fired from a job, denied housing and public accommodations based on sexual and gender identity. If you think this is wrong, sign our petition to Pass the Fairness Act.

Business Listings

If you own and operate a business that supports the LGBTQ+ community, we offer free listings. If you are looking for an LGBTQ+ friendly business in PA, these listings are for you too.


If you are looking for dates about upcoming pride events, or want to know more about particular issues in the LGBTQ+ community, turn to Pennsylvania Equality Project as your source of information.

How can you help?

Regional or Local Leader

We are looking for leaders across Pennsylvania to join our team. Together we can bring about change locally. We will provide training for those interested in running local and regional events.

Hold Rallies

Whether it is the PA Fairness Act, ending bullying in schools, or conversion therapy, you can hold local rallies and meet with state senators and representatives to discuss our goals.

Hold Social Gatherings

Gather your friends and neighbors at a local coffee shop or eatery and discuss ways you can improve life for the LGBTQ+ community in your area. Alternatively, you can paint rocks, like we did.

Sign Petitions

Whether we are supporting the PA Fairness Act, a ban on conversion therapy, or other legal matters of consequence to the LGBTQ+ community, sign and share our petitions.