How Couples Can Thrive Throughout Major Changes

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Figuring out a new normal? All across the globe, people are adjusting to an entirely different way of life, at least for the short term. Big changes can put a serious strain on relationships, but can couples thrive in this new environment? Here are a few resources you can use to keep your relationship in good shape while social distancing.


Talk It Out


Open communication is an absolute must. If you spend a ton of time together but constantly hide how you’re feeling, you can easily wind up resenting each other. With that in mind, here are some communication tips to explore.


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Focus on Self-Care


Major changes can put your mental and physical health in a precarious spot. Focus on self-care measures you can take to keep yourself and your significant other well.


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Give Each Other Space


Staying in place can lead to a ton of time together. Although this can be great, it can also get exhausting. Here’s how to know when you need some downtime, and how to get it without hurting your loved one’s feelings:


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Learn Something New Together


One great way to strengthen your relationship and make this a productive time is to learn something new together. Here are a few things you can learn as a pair.

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Any major life change can challenge a relationship. With a proactive approach, however, you can take this head-on and grow as a couple. Take the changes as they come and learn how to navigate them as a team.


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