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Parents’ Guide to Cyberbullying

Standard bullying has now gone online, and it is easier for bullies to carry out their operations. What is especially worrying is that the child will often have no refuge at home or anywhere else. If he or she is carrying a device, there may be no escape. What was once a playground phenomenon can now take place anywhere, anytime, thanks to technology.


The Pennsylvania Equality Project conducts surveys that run for approximately two months per survey. We consider topics such as where discrimination occurs in PA, coming out, and other LGBTQ+ issues.

Business Listings

If you own and operate a business that supports the LGBTQ+ community, we offer free listings. If you are looking for an LGBTQ+ friendly business in PA, these listings are for you too.

Pass the Fairness Act

The people of Pennsylvania must be treated equally in terms of, but not limited to, employment, education, and housing regardless of real or perceived sexual or gender identity. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community should not be relegated to second class citizenry solely because of who we love or how we portray ourselves. All Pennsylvanians are worthy of equal treatment under the law.

How can I donate?

Give with Bing
Bing PEP

You can make donations to Pennsylvania Equality Project just by browsing the Internet. Simply go to give.bing.com for details on how your Internet searches can yield rewards for the work we are doing for the LGBTQ+ community.

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How can I help?

Regional or Local Leader

We are looking for leaders across PA to join our team. Together we can bring about change locally all across PA. We will provide training for those interested in running local or regional events. Click here to become a local or regional leader, or simply to volunteer your time and effort.

Virtual Gatherings

Use Skype, Zoom, or other online communications tools to discuss ways you can improve life for the LGBTQ+ community in your area. PA Equality Project follows COVID-19 guidance from the state and local health departments and from the CDC.

Sign Petitions

When you sign and share our petitions, you are sending a message to legislators in Harrisburg that the LGBTQ+ community deserves fairness and equity under the law. We currently have petitions seeking passage of the PA Fairness Act, a ban on conversion therapy, comprehensive hate crimes legislation, or other matters of legal consequence to the LGBTQ+ community.

Write, Call, Email or Visit Elected Officials

Whether you are interested in passing the Fairness Act or banning conversion therapy in your community or across PA, contact your municipal, county, and state officials. We encourage you to call, write, email, or even visit them in person to make your points clear. The LGBTQ+ community will not shy away from fairness and equity.

What’s Gay in PA?

Support Affirming CB Schools

Episode 1: In our premier episode, we shared stories about Pennsylvania’s obscenity law, a counselor in the Central Bucks School District who wants to attend a conference about inclusivity for transgender students, Erie County Executive candidate Tyler Titus’ primary victory, and various events happening across PA. If you would like to donate to the fundraiser for the Central Bucks School District counselor to attend a conference on transgender inclusivity for students, click on the picture above.

Episode 2: On today’s show, we update the story we covered yesterday about the counselor at Central Bucks School District who wanted to attend a conference on inclusivity for transgender students. The school board had a change of heart after public outcry.¬† The PA House Health Committee has approved a resolution calling on the General Assembly to adopt new cannabis regulations that will allow people to receive 90 day supplies of their medication instead of 30 day. The same resolution will also allow cannabis distributors to include hemp-based products in their medicines. Bucknell University Campus Police are under investigation for their role in the intimidation and harassment of gay and transgender students housed in a dormitory that once was occupied by a fraternity. All these stories and The Rundown are here.